About Us – our people

Badachro Inn is a family pub run by Martyn and Lesley Pearson with help of friendly bar staff, some who are local people and some from further afield.

Martyn and Les


Picture this.

At the end of a warm summer day, just after five. It is the traditional time for the post. Not that this happens any more but people still seem to gather in the pub as if they were still waiting for Roddy to arrive with his bundle of letters.

Now, people gravitate to the Inn as a precursor to tea-time: it’s a family time. On a day like this, the decking outside is full. Inside there are a few groups of visitors as you’d expect. Among them, along the bar, local men are just off shift, having a beer before home time. One of the village crofters has dropped by for a nip.

Behind the bar, Mark, Martyn’s son, is pulling a pint for someone down the far end. You catch his eye. ‘A glass of Merlot, when you’re ready, Mark’. Now that’s civilised, a glass of full-bodied red on a glorious day.

The wine arrives and you pass a word or two with Mark. Others come in behind you and you turn because, in Badachro Inn, you expect it might be someone you know, someone you’venopt seen for ages.

In Badachro Inn, a lot of different people rub shoulders. There’s something about the place and the mix of people in it (including those behind the bar) that makes conversation easy.
No bad thing, you think, as you drink your wine and consider the next glass.

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